Executive Total Rewards Survey (First Edition)

Exec-Rem presents one of the most comprehensive executive compensation surveys in India. Our Executive Total Rewards Survey offers a detailed set of positions and job descriptions, taking into account industry-specific nuances to enhance the accuracy of matches for your organisation. The compensation analysis includes data ranges for Fixed Compensation and Total Cost to Company (Fixed + STI) and Total Cost to Company with Long Term Incentives (Fixed + STI + LTI). It also offers valuable insights on plan design information for STI and LTI plans. Our consistent methodology of valuing long-term incentives will provide you with an accurate understanding of the market landscape, enabling you to make well-informed compensation decisions.

Benefits of Participating:

  • Participation is free
  • Complimentary copy of results for participants
    • Position-based data cuts using multiple compensation anchors and statistical percentiles
    • Industry and revenue cuts using multiple compensation anchors
    • Incentive plan design analysis (short-term and long-term incentives)
  • Complimentary participation in the results webinar
  • Complimentary participation in other Exec-Rem webinars for one year
  • Special participant pricing for custom analysis

Our Request to Participants:

Executive Compensation is a nuanced topic that demands diligence. Although participation in the survey is free, we request that participants dedicate some time to collaborate with us on important aspects, such as job matching, as this data is the foundation for our analysis.