About Us


We are India’s first specialised and truly independent executive compensation advisory firm. Our mission is to assist organisations in designing executive compensation programmes that seamlessly align with their long-term strategy and business goals, while creating value for all stakeholders.

Whom we work with

Nomination & Remuneration Committees (NRCs)

We provide NRCs with independent advice on matters related to executive compensation. We also conduct separate sessions to keep NRC members informed about the nuances of executive compensation and any regulatory changes that may have an impact on executive compensation decisions.

Executive Management

We co-create executive compensation proposals alongside executive management. Through our engagement with them, we gain a deep understanding of their organisation and assist them in defining comprehensive proposals for the consideration of the NRC/Board. Our approach ensures that well-informed decisions regarding executive pay are made by both management and NRCs, ultimately serving the best interests of stakeholders.

Our Approach


Although we take market practices into account to gain insights from other leading organisations, we firmly believe that the success of an executive compensation programme strongly depends on how well it aligns with the organisation’s unique context and overall leadership strategy.


When providing market insights to our clients, our primary focus is on understanding the context in which executive compensation decisions are made in competitive organisations. This helps us avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and empowers our clients to make better, more informed decisions regarding their executive compensation programmes.


We specialise exclusively in executive compensation advisory services; we do not offer any other services. This commitment ensures that we remain conflict-free and provide unbiased solutions to our clients.

Our Services

Executive Compensation Philosophy Design

Driving competitiveness, performance, governance, and risk mitigation

CEO Compensation

A nuanced approach to CEO compensation design and benchmarking

CXO Compensation

Making leadership compensation a strong differentiator to drive performance

Long-Term Incentives

Designing stock or cash-based LTI programmes to create sustainable value

Short-Term Incentives

Strengthening the focus on performance to improve ROI

Pre-IPO And Post-IPO Compensation Strategy

Inspiring investor confidence through well-defined executive compensation plans

Non-Executive Director (NED) Compensation

Recognising the value NEDs bring to the table

Meet Our Founder

Our Founder & Managing Director, Anubhav Gupta, is a seasoned Executive Compensation Consultant with over 20 years of experience. He has advised 300+ organisations across multiple industries and business life-cycle stages on a wide range of executive compensation matters. Before establishing Exec-Rem, he served as a Partner at a Big Four firm, where he played a key role in setting up its Executive Compensation vertical in India. Prior to that, he held the position of Director at Aon plc. where he successfully led the Executive Compensation & Governance practice for South Asia.

Anubhav Gupta
Founder & Managing Director